RHCA: RHCA + Renewals (Part Two)

IT industry is one that continues to grow and evolve as new innovations are developed. The pinnacle of expertise, The Red Hat® Certified Architect program is continuously improving to accommodate these demands to make sure that our certified professionals exceed the standards of today’s market.

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New Red Hat Certified Architect Concentration for developers

Earlier this year we announced RHCA concentrations — recommended sets of Red Hat credentials that demonstrate particular areas of focus — datacenter, cloud and application administration to start. Red Hat Certification is now introducing a new Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) concentration: the RHCA Concentration in Enterprise Application Development.

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Announcing RHCA concentrations to help you get the architect you need.


by Randy Russell (Red Hat)

A Red Hat certification provides validation of knowledge and expertise that is beneficial to both individuals and their employers. The certification program gives employers and managers ways to find and develop qualified professionals. It also helps individuals prove their skills with Red Hat’s solutions.

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