Changes to Several Red Hat Certification Titles

The names we use for certifications are important.  They should communicate clearly what they represent someone can do and how they relate to one another.  Three years ago we made some policy and structure changes to provide more flexibility and choices for people participating in the certification program.  We are now making another choice to make Red Hat Certification a better tool for IT professionals and for organizations that use Red Hat technologies.

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2013 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year

by Rafael Guimarães, 2013 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year

Since the day Red Hat asked me to write down some lines for this blog, I have been wondering what should I write about. At first, I though I should write about my future perspectives and which certifications I still wanna pursue, but then I realized that possibly no one would be interested on that. So, I decided to write a few lines about how I decided to share my story with Red Hat for the 2013 RHCP of the Year contest. Maybe that could make other RHCPs like me more excited to do the same.

Well, everything begun when I received an email from Red Hat advertising the 2013 RHCP of the Year contest. At first it seemed to me like one of these contests that I would have no chance at all. Why would someone choose my story over several others all over the world? Luckily I was on vacation, with a free agenda, and I decided to spend some time writing for the contest. Why not? Spending one hour on this wouldn’t hurt me. So I did it and, after sending my contribution, I totally forgot about the subject, after all, I had absolutely no chance.

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Red Hat EMEA at HP Discover 2013

Red Hat EMEA at HP Discover 2013, 10th – 12th December 2013, in Barcelona, Spain

It’s your chance to meet top executives from Red Hat and to discuss the truly innovative joint technology offerings that HP and Red Hat have been developing together for more than a decade. Plus get familiar with our solutions and find out how you can win a free Red Hat OpenStack training and/or free Red Hat OpenStack exam from Red Hat Training and Certification.

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