Remote Debugging of Java Applications on OpenShift

This post was originally published on Ales Nosek – The Software Practitioner.

In this article I am going to show you how to attach a debugger and a VisualVM profiler to the Java application running on OpenShift. The approach described here doesn’t make use of the Jolokia bridge. Instead, we are going to leverage the port-forwarding feature of OpenShift.

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Camel Is Making My Job Obsolete! Wait, No . . . More Efficient!

by Will Dinyes (Red Hat)

I’ve been developing in Java since the late 90s, and I can’t tell you how much of that time has been spent writing and maintaining code that is incredibly uninteresting. Boiler plate code to handle exceptions, repetitive utility classes to stand up and shut down database connections, the same 8 lines of code, copy and pasted into project after project, to manage JNDI look-ups of EJBs back in the pre-CDI days.

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