Developer Training to Enable Next Gen App Development Skills

As enterprises shift to modern, cloud-native application development, they need an effective way to enable developers and development teams on the technology. The enablement has to scale across the enterprise, across multiple lines of business where developers work, as well as across geographic boundaries where they reside.  It also has to support exploration, given that developers are often motivated by curiosity.

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Favorite links and pages of the week – January 24, 2014

by Allyn Collins (Red Hat)

Below are links to some pages and articles we found this week and really liked.

Red Hat
Red Hat OpenStack Certification News, Services Speak
Red Hat Developer Blog Post: DevOps in Straight English – Part 1 of 2 – Enter the Buzzword, Red Hat Developer Blog
Participation trumps technology in cloud: Red Hat CEO,
CentOS Becomes Official Part of Red Hat Linux Family,
Red Hat Announces New OpenShift Certification, Services Speak
Bundle up and save! Get a Red Hat scarf if you bundle a course + exam this winter, Services Speak #RHWP2013

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