Favorites for the week

by Mike Randall (Red Hat)

Below are links to some pages and articles we found this week and really liked.

Red Hat
Red Hat Training North American winter promotion, RedHat
Taste of Training: RHEV command line interfacing, RedHat
Top posts from 2012, ServicesSpeak
Red Hat expects to remain platform of choice for cloud, big data, TheNation
Red Hat buys ManageIQ, gains hybrid cloud tools, InformationWeek

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Favorites for the week

by Mike Randall (Red Hat)

Below are links to some pages and articles we found this week and really liked. This is our last post of the year. Thanks everyone for reading and we hope you have a great holiday.

Red Hat
Red Hat Training North American winter promotion, RedHat
Five top tips for the journey to cloud, ServicesSpeak
A Red Hat training and virtualization quiz, SearchServerVirtualization

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Five top tips for the journey to cloud

by Malcolm Herbert (Red Hat)

The post below originally appeared here on November 22, 2012.

A comparison between enterprise IT and public cloud computing dramatically highlights the benefits of moving to cloud.

Application deployment times can shrink from weeks in the traditional data centre to minutes in a cloud data centre; new application development time accelerates from years to weeks (or months at most); cost per virtual machine plummets from dollars to cents; server administrator ratios can explode from 20:1 to 300:1; while efficiency increases, with resource utilisation soaring from 20% to 75%.

With measurable benefits like these, it’s no wonder that IDC expects that by 2015 the majority of the enterprise market will require integrated hybrid cloud management capabilities (Source: IDC Cloud Management Study, 2011 Survey).

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Taste of Training Preview: EAP6 clustering over TCP

by Will Dinyes (Red Hat)

With the recent release of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6, Red Hat is ensuring that developers and administrators alike are getting more for less. More performance, for less memory. More services, with less configuration. And more management tools, with less hassles. In conjunction, the Red Hat Training team has been hard at work integrating more into our JBoss courses. First, we updated our popular JBoss Application Administration I course (JB248). Now we are set to release our updated course JBoss Application Adminisration II (JB348). Available in December, JBoss Application Administration II will bring all of the advanced topics we covered in our similar course for EAP 5, such as clustering, performance tuning, and JBoss Operations Network, and will add even more content specific to EAP 6, covering CLI scripting, messaging providers, and an introduction to OpenShift.

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Preparing for Red Hat exams

When it comes to our exams, one of the questions we’re most frequently asked is, “How do I prepare?” There are obviously many different ways to study, and everyone’s preparation habits are different, so this is a very difficult question to answer. Rather than try to answer it ourselves, we’re looking for your help.

Our exams are intentionally rigorous and focused on hands-on exercises to ensure only candidates who have the proper skills pass. If everyone that took an exam passed, a certification would be of zero value to the IT and developer communities. We make sure everyone with a Red Hat or JBoss certification really knows their stuff.

That said, our exams are not impossible. And to show you they’re not impossible, we’d like to start a new series of guest blog posts here where those that have been successful share their stories of how they prepared. These posts will not include specifics about the exam. Rather, they will be stories of how their time was spent leading up to the exam.

Want to share your story?

We’re looking for a mix of Red Hat Certified Professionals that have prepared for exams in differing ways: courses, study groups, etc. Do you think you have some insight to share? Please send an email to servicesspeak@redhat.com with a sentence or two explaining how you prepared and were successful. Those selected will then be invited to write a guest post for our blog. We’ll even throw in some Red Hat swag as a thank you.