Camel Is Making My Job Obsolete! Wait, No . . . More Efficient!

by Will Dinyes (Red Hat)

I’ve been developing in Java since the late 90s, and I can’t tell you how much of that time has been spent writing and maintaining code that is incredibly uninteresting. Boiler plate code to handle exceptions, repetitive utility classes to stand up and shut down database connections, the same 8 lines of code, copy and pasted into project after project, to manage JNDI look-ups of EJBs back in the pre-CDI days.

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Favorite Links and Pages

by Laura Chang (Red Hat)

Here are some pages and links we found that we really liked!

Red Hat

We celebrate. You save. Save 15% on two courses., Red Hat
Training on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Event, Red Hat
Strong Demand for Linux Professionals, Red Hat

Red Hat Videos

Red Hat Taste of Training: Standalone Mode vs Domain Mode, YouTube
Red Hat Taste of Training: Using the Domain Controller to Support Rolling Upgrades in your Cluster, YouTube
Red Hat Taste of Training: Managing SELinux Modes on your System, YouTube

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Live Tweet Chat Q&A

by Laura Chang (Red Hat)

Red Hat hosted our first live Training and Certification Tweet Chat on July 2, 2014 to answer questions about Red Hat Training and Certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Thank you for all the tweets, re-tweets and posts. We love hearing from you and hope it was beneficial. Review some of the questions below and continue to connect with us!

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat If I have RHCSA on RHEL6 passed, and now I wish to have RHCE, should I pass one more time EX200 in RHEL7?
@thedivek Nope! As long as your RHCSA is current on RHEL6, you can take the RHCE Exam for RHEL7 #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat How long are EX200 and EX300 exams on RHEL7?

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New Video – Red Hat Certification Program Changes

Red Hat recently announced changes to it’s professional certification program. Red Hat expanded the number of Red Hat Certificates of Expertise that may be applied toward earning the Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification, providing more flexibility in the certificates one might choose to earn toward RHCA, and implemented policy changes that acknowledge and differentiate Red Hat Certified Professionals who are current on their certifications.

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