The OpenStack Momentum Continues – Up Next, Tokyo

Written by John Allessio, VP of services

In case you haven’t noticed, OpenStack is top of mind for Red Hat in addition to being frequently in the news. We continue to roll out new OpenStack services to help companies take their cloud computing initiatives to the next level by leveraging the experience that we have gained deploying industry-leading initiatives. We’ve also introduced new training classes and certifications to help create more OpenStack specialists in the field and, we’re gearing up for the next OpenStack Summit in Tokyo this October.

If the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver was any indication, I believe the Tokyo event is going to be a success. The OpenStack community is growing at a fast pace, with more than 27,000 community members and 76 products available in the marketplace. Following the Vancouver event, an IDC Insight talked about what’s needed to build on the current OpenStack momentum.

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Red Hat Consulting: Webinar at DevOps Enterprise

Written by Mike GueretteRed Hat Developer Blog.

Pressure has never been greater for IT to deliver meaningful services to the business and for customers. However, an organization is only as good as its underlying processes. As new tools, technologies, and frameworks continue to evolve to allow developers to release new features and functionality quickly, enterprises turn to DevOps methodologies to facilitate better communication and collaboration.

Learn how about DevOps from Senior Red Hat Consultant Andrew Block and his webinar during DevOps Enterprise on October 21, 2015.

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Red Hat Consulting: Upcoming Webinars

This fall several of our consulting team members will be speaking about DevOps at live and online events.  DevOps is expanding its reach to drive business agility and innovation, requiring large, IT organizations to develop an understanding of underlying infrastructures to benefit from continuous testing, deployment automation and collaborative development.  Be sure to attend these webinars to learn more about how Red Hat accelerates DevOps adoption and how your organization can benefit.

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Webinar: Creating applications with source-to-image (S2I), a DevOps and Openshift Enterprise by Red Hat webinar | September 24, 2015

Red Hat Training is proud to introduce a new webinar that will take place on September 24, 2015: “Creating applications with source-to-image (S2I)”, that will cover OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat.

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is a key technology to implement Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in any company eager to implement private cloud environments. Using PaaS has proven to accelerate time to market for many organizations already.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the building blocks of source-to-image, including:

  • The source-to-image process
  • Image streams
  • Building an application with S2I

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