BPM in a Microservice World: Part 1

This article was originally published on Diabolical Labs.

Business Process Management (BPM)-enabling software has been around for decades, having started as document centric workflow. It’s progressed into the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) age to become an orchestrator of services and human tasks.

Now, we see that the Service Architecture is evolving to include a relatively new concept called Microservice Architecture (MSA). That architecture along with enabling technologies like Cloud Services and Application Containers is allowing us to apply process management practices to solutions in a much more lightweight and agile way.

In the upcoming blog post series, I’ll be exploring the application of BPM principles to solutions that can implemented with MSA. In this first part, I’ll review traditional BPM practices and their pitfalls, followed by a guide to begin the convergence of BPM and MSA. re with MSA.

You can also learn more in the webinar I’ll be hosting on 9/27 at 11am ET.

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Applying Continuous Delivery and DevOps Automation to Mobile Application Development

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs is a new offering committed to helping our customers accelerate innovation, and create the solutions that meet their business challenges. As mobile application development becomes an increasingly important function within companies, customers have been asking us for advice on how to best apply the principles of continuous delivery and DevOps to their mobile application development.This was particularly exciting to me. Red Hat already has great technology to support enterprise mobile. And at Labs, we have a fantastic platform for accelerating application delivery. Together, we had a great opportunity to combine our efforts and build a phenomenal, turnkey solution.

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Closing the gap between theory and practice

Increasingly, as customers look to optimize their systems, design new solutions, or integrate new technologies, they seek the guidance, practical advice, and deep expertise to introduce new solutions. Day in and day out, our consultants are called on to draw from their experience in the field — across industry, vertical, business size, and region  — to provide customers with the insights, practices, models, and plans that meet their needs and challenges.

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Containers as a (DevOps) cultural catalyst, a field-tested adoption program to begin

Containers signify a new  era of IT transformation — one that increasingly demands speed, agility, and transparency. But the path to realize the full value of containers can be complex because their implications are more than technical. Their inclusion impacts how people, across many different functions, may have traditionally understood their roles, and what they did in their roles (process).

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A Design Approach to Bridge DevOps and Business Automation: In case you missed last week’s webinar

Last week, we hosted a webinar on a design approach that marries advances in software advancement, microservices, and DevOps to the business automation space.

If you missed it, we put together some Q&A highlights. Be sure to check out the webinar on demand for more detail.


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A Design Approach to Bridge DevOps & Business Automation

Everyone’s talking about DevOps these days; what it means and how to enable it. Yet, realizing the promise of DevOps is complex. Business leaders are increasingly challenged to merge legacy tooling, systems, process, and skills with the hallmarks of a seemingly elusive DevOps culture — and BPM is no exception.

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Webinar: Migrate to a Scalable and Secure MBaaS Platform

The increasingly widespread adoption of mobile applications means enterprises are coming face-to-face with the pressure to provide flexible, secure and comprehensive platforms that inspire and enable users. Legacy systems that are difficult to access and integrate resulting in fragmented development efforts and a focus on short-term delivery over long-term success.

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A Future-Proof Design for Delivering Better Product Faster

Custom software development and business automation have traditionally been two distinct ways to approach IT solutions to business challenges. Each approach has its own tradeoffs. While software development draws from engineering rigor, historically, the processes have been slow. Conversely, while business automation has enabled non-engineering stakeholders to codify business logic, this has led to additional risk.

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