Business is changing: the New Normal after COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has created much more than a global health emergency. COVID-19 has forced important changes in the daily lives of individuals and companies worldwide. 


More than two billion people in the four corners of the planet have been quarantined to curb the spread of the disease. Many industries stopped their production lines, stores have closed their doors, and companies had to adapt their ways of working. Many people needed to relearn how to organize their routines.


But, if everything has a good side, the unprecedented situation created by the pandemic gave birth to good ideas. It helped to accelerate business changes that have been under discussion for a long time. Business agility is now a must to survive. Technology and collaboration, which are gaining more and more space in the construction of a “new normal” is essential to support the new routine of individuals and organizations.


Long after leaving, the pandemic will leave some positive points to be incorporated into the routines, helping to transform visions, optimize resources, and improve the day to day for employees and managers. In a post-coronavirus era, it will be essential to:


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What factors make companies fail to adopt emerging technologies?

Innovating and adopting emerging technology is practically mandatory for any company, regardless of its segment of activity, due to systems and technology now supporting the business, and the way companies sell their products or provide services to their customers.

Everybody talks about emerging technologies and the importance of companies adopting such technologies that are super innovative and have great potential to transform the way we work. However, because they are still recent and have not been widely explored or tested, they generate insecurity and challenges at the time of adoption.

To adopt innovative technologies, it is necessary to understand the challenges brought with it and look for ways to facilitate massive adoption. After all, there is no point in just having one silo or department interested in adopting emerging technologies, if the rest of the organization does not understand the benefits of this change.

But what are the real factors that blocker emerging tech adoption within companies?

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