The Red Hat Training and Certification approach

Does the Red Hat Training and Certification approach work? According to our students it does.


Red Hat Training and Certification’s approach to training and certification is simple: assess, train, validate.

According to our students,

  • 95% of students are better prepared after class than before class to maximize the value of their Red Hat products.1
  • 92% of students are able to work more independently and rely less on co-workers and/or customer support after taking Red Hat Training.1
  • 93% of Red Hat Certified Professionals agree that Red Hat’s 100% hands-on testing approach provides a better measure of skills and knowledge.2
  • 80% agree that becoming a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) has increased their workplace productivity.3




1. 2016 Red Hat post course student survey.
2. 2015 Red Hat Certification customer survey.
3. 2016 Certification Magazine salary survey.

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