The Camel Rest DSL, Red Hat Summit 2017

Rest Services are becoming increasingly popular for connecting devices to the cloud as well as systems to each other. Do you want to get a Rest endpoint up quickly with minimal dependencies and a light footprint? Using the Camel Rest DSL requires minimal code for maximum result. Someone that knows the Rest DSL can set up a new project with a rest service very quickly.

When you set up a Rest service with Camel instead of setting it up with out of the box CXF or Rest Easy, you automatically have easy access to routing and integration technologies. The Rest request can immediately enter routing using enterprise integration patterns such as content based routing, multi-casting, and wiretaps. The Rest DSL doesn’t lock you into CXF. In fact, it steers you away from it. While some enterprises are fans of CXF, not all may be able to use it. The Rest DSL gives you flexibility on the underlying dependencies while allowing for rapid and easily readable development.

Want to learn how to get started with the Camel Rest DSL? On Wednesday May 3 at Red Hat Summit 2017 I will host a session to get you started. Attendees will walk away knowing how to develop a Rest service using the Rest DSL for deployment on JBoss EAP and Apache Karaf.

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