Cloud Migrations: More than just moving virtual machines

The long-term business value of introducing cloud infrastructure to the enterprise remains clear and uncontested. Standardizing and automating to a cloud infrastructure leads to a reduction in TCO and yields a high-performing, cost-effective and a stable platform that accelerates innovation. Yet, we continue to hear of the same challenges as businesses tackle a migration to the cloud, from the struggle to rapidly provision systems, to scaling cloud computing environments that didn’t quite serve the requirements of business users.

Why? Because cloud migration rests on more than just the introduction of a new technology. Its success and ultimate sustainability rests on the inclusion of people and methodology on top of the technology to drive and sustain the change.

At OpenStack Summit on April 25, I’ll be speaking to the key insights and strategies to support a holistic approach to a staged migration, as they move from traditional environments to a robust, flexible computing infrastructure while reducing TCO. Some of these high-level strategies for a successful migration include:

  • People: How to engage the right people in migration efforts, from the business owner, to architect, operations, development, testing, security/compliance, and user
  • Process: How to incorporate agile and scrum methodology to ensure rapid delivery of business-driven results, across thousands of virtual machines
  • Technology: How Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure enables the change
    • Configure state machine templates
    • Push button self service
    • Monitor migration process in real-time

While adequate technology is a necessity, proven benefits come from an integrated approach. By enabling the people and perfecting the process to effectively manage change and implementing a well-designed infrastructure on a platform capable to process at scale, auspicious cloud migrations aren’t nearly as difficult to achieve.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.40.38 AM

Interested in seeing the video from the session? Check it out here.

About the author

Vijay Chebolu is the Cloud Infrastructure Practice Lead for Red Hat Services.


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