Live Tweet Chat Q&A

by Laura Chang (Red Hat)

Red Hat hosted our first live Training and Certification Tweet Chat on July 2, 2014 to answer questions about Red Hat Training and Certification on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Thank you for all the tweets, re-tweets and posts. We love hearing from you and hope it was beneficial. Review some of the questions below and continue to connect with us!

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat If I have RHCSA on RHEL6 passed, and now I wish to have RHCE, should I pass one more time EX200 in RHEL7?
@thedivek Nope! As long as your RHCSA is current on RHEL6, you can take the RHCE Exam for RHEL7 #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat How long are EX200 and EX300 exams on RHEL7?
@Artur_Szymczak EX200 is 2.5 hours and EX300 is 4 hours! #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat Could I pass RHCSA and RHCE on RHEL6? And how long is available?
@Elmira_Gazizova RHCSA & RHCE Exams are available until 12/19/14. Availability varies by location | #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training It’s almost 2am, here I go: If I get my RHCSA on RHEL6, can I take the RHCE on RHEL7?#RHEL7Chat #RHEL7

@mrg2k8 Yes, if you get your RHCSA on RHEL6 you can take the RHCE exam on #RHEL7#RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Can a Valid but NOT Current RHCE on RHEL 5 get the Stay Current 50% discount for both v6 RHCSA and RCHE Exams? #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarques Yes! Availability of this promo may vary by location |  #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training#RHEL7Chat Does the RHEL7 training material Exists in French @rachid_yassini We’ve completed draft translations and it should be available within the Summer! #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Can we still sit v6 RHCE and RHCSA Exams in Exam Centers OR are IES/kiosks and Onsite the only options for v6? #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarques It varies by location. Where are you based?#RHEL7Chat
@RedHat_TrainingThanks for the reply 🙂 I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarques Your nearest IES location is probably Madrid!

@RedHat_Training Why did you seriously increase the level of difficulty of the RHCEv7 exam? #RHEL7Chat 
@CertDepot With the release of #RHEL7 we made changes based on input and guidance of #RedHat Certified Professionals. #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Does RH255 include EX300 or both EX200 and EX300? #RHEL7Chat
@Artur_Szymczak Right now RH255 includes both EX200 and EX300!

@RedHat_Training What is the keyboard layout of a (e.g.) Spanisk kiosk for an IES exam? Is it Spanish or US? #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarquesMost kiosks are US, however you can remap the keyboard & we have begun attaching localized keyboards recently. #RHEL7Chat
@RedHat_TrainingLatency worry: do IES/kiosk exam environments (physical host+VMs) reside in kiosk OR are hosted remotely in RH? #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarquesthe exam environment is entirely local, no latency concerns! #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training What are your plans regarding updating other courses to RHEL7? Is it this year? #RHEL7Chat
@Artur_Szymczak Yes, we’ll be updating them this year! #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training I took the RHEL5 RHCE and am working towards RHCA. What is the best way to study to renew RHCE for RHEL7? #RHEL7Chat 
@otteydw We recommend taking the RHCE Certification Lab – available as classroom, virtual training, & online. #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training why did training increase so much? i took v4 & v6 is a lot more. Budgets get cut and training is the first to go thoughts?

@roadzy Please visit our website or talk to your training reseller – we have offers and promotions that can help #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training How can I (re)download a certificate/transcript (“Red Hat hereby certifies…”) for my current RHCE on RHEL 5? #RHEL7Chat
@ricmarques you can request another copy here  #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Sorry if it has been asked: When exactly are we starting offering courses on rhel7.0?
@dwnoginoWe’ve already started offering courses in North America.
@dwnogino Please contact your local Red Hat Training Partner here  #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Are we still able to book RHCSA and RHCE exams based rhel6? @dwnogino Yes! You can book EX200 and EX300 as Individual Exam Session or Onsite in RHEL6 until 12/19/14. #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training For people in the UK: What’s the current and future situation of the UK kiosk for Individual Exam Sessions? #RHEL7Chat 
@ricmarques we are currently delivering these in Farnborough while we look for a new London location #RHEL7Chat

@RedHat_Training Are you planing open Kiosk in Poland?#RHEL7Chat 
@Artur_Szymczak It is under consideration! #RHEL7Chat

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