Red Hat Training recognizes its top partners, resellers and instructors in Europe, Middle East and Africa

by Jessica Benton (Red Hat)

During this year’s Red Hat Partner Conference EMEA in Madrid, Spain, Red Hat Training gave an update on its new training and certification roadmap. The event covered new delivery methods and courses, including a three day exam marathon during which a total of 70 partner employees had a chance to take a free-of-charge certification exam. In addition, a training partner round table was held to discuss new opportunities for Red Hat Training and our partners. As is tradition, we also held an awards ceremony, recognizing those that have made the biggest impact over the course of the last year in training and certifications.

It is with great pleasure that I reveal the awards given that night:

Training Partner of the Year
Eastern Europe

Datascript, Czech Republic
Datascript is one of our oldest training partners in Eastern Europe and offers our complete training portfolio, from RHCE and RHCA up to the advanced middleware courses in the countries of Czech Republic and Slovakia. For the third year in a row DataScript has earned this prize.

Training Partner of the Year
Middle East and Africa

Torque IT, South Africa
For the second year in a row Torque IT has won this important prize and has again shown an outstanding performance in the Middle East and Africa region.

Fastest Growing Training Partner

Inventa, Russia
With an outstanding growth rate of 193% year over year, Inventa has shown what is possible if focus and dedication comes together with smart marketing.

Delivery Partner of the Year

Tieturi, Finland
After one year of absence Tieturi has re-captured the Delivery Partner of the Year award once again. Focusing on customer satisfaction in the classroom and proactive sales activities have clearly led to success.

Training Reseller of the Year

Global Knowledge, Netherlands
Global Knowledge in the Netherlands has won for the first time since we have instituted the award for Reseller of the Year due to their incredible performance in reselling Red Hat Training in the Netherlands. Their continuous focus in reselling our training has led them to become one of our top performing resellers in Europe.

Fastest Growing Training Reseller

Compu’Train | Twice, Netherlands
Since the holding of NCOI acquired Compu’train and Twice, both of their synergies have resulted in achieving the highest growth for a Western European reseller during our FY13. Two years ago, Twice had already won this prize independently.

Infrastructure Instructor of the Year

Herve Quatremain
Herve is a longtime instructor for Red Hat. He delivers RHCA courses and it is no surprise that his name has come up on top for this year’s infrastructure instructor of the year. We are looking forward to many more training classes with Herve. His customers most certainly do as well.

Middleware Instructor of the Year

John Cornforth
John is one of the top JBoss instructors for several years, so it is high time that his name finally comes up on top for this year’s award. We are especially pleased with John’s ability to withstand the fire of ever-changing customer demand.

Talent of the Year

Raoul Scarazzini
Each year we award the “Talent of the Year” to an instructor that was introduced to our program during the last fiscal year. Raoul’s performance this year was exceptional – rivaling the results of instructors with many years of experience in our program.

Directors Award

OSEC was the second fastest growing partner in EMEA with 190% year-over-year growth. In addition to that OSEC managed to set up a great pool of new instructors in record time. OSEC supported us in multiple engagements across the EMEA Territory, from Middle East to Finland and Ireland to Russia. Additionally, OSEC keep supporting us with Polish translations for our skills assessment tests, exams and training quality survey.

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