Red Hat Training and certifications help build your path to the cloud

by Randy Russell and Pete Hnath (Red Hat)

Cloud computing represents a major shift in enterprise IT architecture that requires companies to rethink their strategy. Red Hat is bringing to market a full portfolio of training and certification offerings that enable customers to evaluate Red Hat’s cloud technologies and understand how to deploy them successfully.

Customers seeking to build an open Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud may look to Red Hat OpenStack as their foundation. OpenStack is emerging as a leading platform for IaaS cloud architectures and has attained broad industry support. Red Hat is excited to announce the immediate availability of Red Hat OpenStack Administration (CL210), which provides architects and system administrators with a hands-on course to learn how to install, configure, and manage a Red Hat OpenStack deployment. Later this summer Red Hat will also introduce the Red Hat certificate of expertise in OpenStack IaaS, which will validate a professional’s ability to successfully deploy and administrate an OpenStack based IaaS cloud.

For customers looking to deliver an open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud, OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat may be the solution. OpenShift gives application developers self-service access so they can easily deploy applications on demand. Red Hat is pleased to announce the immediate availability of OpenShift Enterprise Administration (CL280), a heavily lab-based 2-day course that guides the student through the steps to install, configure and manage an OpenShift based PaaS cloud.

Red Hat CloudForms delivers a broad set of cloud management utilities to help manage a hybrid or private cloud. This summer Red Hat will release an online tutorial to help customers evaluate this rapidly developing offering. This training offering will provide demonstrations and documentation for customers seeking to evaluate and deploy CloudForms 2.0 as part of their cloud architecture.

Red Hat® Storage Server lets you deploy standardized NAS and object storage servers both on-premise and in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud. Customers seeking to utilize this powerful technology can take Red Hat Storage Administration (RH236), which was released in February. This lab driven, 2-day course provides students with a solid foundation of how to leverage Red Hat Storage Server to provide high availiability network attached storage in a public or private cloud. Red Hat is delighted to announce the immediate availability of the Red Hat certificate of expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage (EX236), a performance based exam that validates a student’s capacity to successfully deploy and administer the Red Hat Storage Server.

For customers seeking a high performing, low cost, open source-based virtualization solution, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is an ideal solution. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization delivers bare-metal level performance, unmatched enterprise security and an exceptional ecosystem of hardware and software. Red Hat offers a four-day hands-on course (RH318) and the Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA) Exam (EX318), updated for the recently released 3.1 version of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Red Hat is poised to deliver the most comprehensive portfolio of open, hybrid cloud technologies in the industry. Similarly, Red Hat Training is working to deliver a complete set of hands-on courses to enable customers to evaluate and successfully deploy these new techologies. And through our industry leading certification programs, Red Hat will deliver the most robust set of hands-on, performance based cloud assessments to ensure an IT manager’s team has the skills to successfully deploy and support these technologies.

Watch the video: Red Hat Certifications – OpenStack, IaaS, Cloud and more.

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