JBoss Certification News

by Randy Russell (Red Hat)

Red Hat has just released a new certification in support of its JBoss Enterprise Middleware line. Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) is earned by passing a rigorous, hands-on lab exam that tests one’s ability to write, extend and modify JBoss Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications that will run on the Enterprise Application Platform.

Ever since Red Hat acquired JBoss in 2006, there has long been a certain tension between testing and certifying the “JBoss-centric” versus the “spec-level”. RHCJD is where Red Hat puts a stake in the ground and offers what we believe will become THE certification for JEE spec-level programming. There is a growing vacuum of leadership in this space and we intend to fill it. RHCJD gives us a core credential upon which we will build and extend the JBoss certification program for developers.

Note that the name of this newest certification in itself represents a new direction. We are bringing all of our certifications under the Red Hat Certified umbrella. The IT sector worldwide has come to know what Red Hat Certified means: it means someone is proven. We want everyone to understand that this applies to those who earn our JBoss certifications as well. To that end, we are also renaming our most popular JBoss certification, JBoss Certified Application Administrator (JBCAA) to Red Hat Certified JBoss Administrator (RHCJA) and re-positioning our JBoss Certified Developer titles in Seam, ESB, and
Persistence to Red Hat Certificates of Expertise in these respective areas.

Participation in the JBoss certification program grew dramatically in the last year and we anticipate continued interest in the year ahead, especially given FuseSource and Polymita acquisitions of last year. Look for more news and developments on this front, but start with a look at our newest offering: RHCJD.

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  1. What training material do you recommend? I was reading through “jboss at work” from 2005 but that seems a bit dated. I looked at the exam objectives on the redhat training site, and they recommend the courses which aren’t offered. So, the next best thing would be to find out what, if any, redhat approved books might exist on that topic.

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