Our favorites for the week

by Mike Randall (Red Hat)

Sorry, we slacked and missed last week, so below are links to some pages and articles we found over the past two weeks and really liked.

Red Hat
How to convert a JBoss Developer Studio web project to a Maven project (JB225), ServicesSpeak
BPM: Utilizing JBoss technologies to increase business performance and agility, ServicesSpeak
Obsidian trains South Africa’s first 4 RHCAs, ITWeb
Guide to Red Hat certifications, ModernDignity
Red Hat preps next virtualization platform, ZDNet
Red Hat among nation’s most innovative, TriangleBusinessJournal
Red Hat explains what enterprise Linux is all about, InternetNews

Non-Red Hat
5 ways to run your IT department like SEAL team 6, Read Write Web
What skills do tech companies look for in new hires?, Mashable
7 fast changing tech trends for business, JamesVickery
Hottest emerging tech careers, Tech2
Is open source democratic?, OpenSource.com
New demand for tech skills, TimesOfMalta
8 most important skills needed for cloud computing today, Forbes
Pop culture references for open source principles, LinuxToday
Linux Foundation survey: users want open source cloud, VARGuy
Participatory culture creates sense of belonging, OpenSource.com
Creating legislation the open source way, OpenSource.com

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