Welcome to Services Speak

by Mike Randall (Red Hat)

When you start a blog there are some questions that must be answered: Who is the blog for? What are we going to write about? Will they care about what we have to say? Does this content exist elsewhere?

Before we share those answers, let’s provide a little context.

Services Speak is a blog on behalf of Red Hat Services, an organization dedicated to developing and implementing Red Hat’s consulting and training initiatives. Combining these two subjects makes it inclusive of quite a few audiences and encompassing countless topics, but in the world of IT, these two groups are tied together by one thing: a common desire for improvement. Just think about it for a second. A professional takes a course or works toward a certification because they want to build their skills and advance their career, or they bring in consultants to optimize the technologies and processes they use.

Improvement increases the chances of success.

With this blog, our mission is to have every visitor leave a little smarter than when they came so they can be more successful in the things they do everyday. So, who is this blog for? We like to say that it’s for curious IT professionals who feel like they will never know enough. Everyone from IT administrators to developers to C-level execs.

What are we going to write about? In this space you’ll hear from the people that define our consulting strategies, create our curriculum, teach our courses, work with our customers, develop our products, and use our technologies. They’ll offer insights into why they do what they do, how they do it, and what it might mean for you. But it won’t just be about Red Hat. We’ll share news, industry trends and thoughts about what’s happening in the global IT landscape.

So we certainly hope you’ll find the blog compelling and relevant to what you do and what you’re interested in. We feel there isn’t a collection of talent like this writing about these subjects anywhere. If there’s something you’d like to read more of or less of, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think. This blog will continuously evolve over time, and in the spirit of open source, we believe collaboration breeds success.

  1. Hello,sir.I have a bug to solute.The description of the problem as follows: hardware x86-64bit. softwarerhel 6.1 . Source RPM: brasero-.28.3-6.el6.05.src.rpm . To burn the disc using brasero, at the beginning of the stage(Usually 10 seconds or so), there will be a system in suspended animation.Any other programs can not be performed.
    Can you help me ?

  2. I’m afraid I’m unable to help. Perhaps another of our visitors has shared your experience and can offer a solution.

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