Invest in Red Hat cloud certifications to help accelerate your organization’s cloud vision.

by Randy Russell (Red Hat)

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Management is now available for IT professionals who want validation of their skills in configuring and using CloudForms, Red Hat’s hybrid cloud management solution. CloudForms fills an important role within Red Hat’s product portfolio by providing a bridge from existing virtualization solutions in traditional data centers to newer Infrastructure-as-a-Service models that must work across multiple vendors, on-premise and public clouds.

Best practices for deploying enterprise-grade OpenStack implementations

OpenStack gives modern IT organizations the tools they need to be strategic partners in their businesses. By using these practices, you can build an OpenStack environment that meets your enterprise needs.


Examining Red Hat JBoss BRMS deployment architectures for rules and events (part I)

Guest post by Eric D. Schabell and John Hurlocker - original article published here.

In this weeks tips & tricks we will be slowing down and taking a closer look at possible Red Hat JBoss BRMS deployment architectures.

When we talk about deployment architectures we are referring to the options you have to deploy a rules and/or events project in your enterprise.


Red Hat Training at OpenStack Summit Paris

To be successful in today’s IT landscape, you have to not only use industry-leading products, but also have the knowledge required to maximize the value of these emerging technologies. But you already knew that.