Display Estimated VM Cost during Service Provisioning

To recuperate costs from running a cloud infrastructure, IT organizations often need to charge users for virtual machines they have provisioned. CloudForms contains chargeback functionality that helps facilitate charging users for the resources their virtual machines use. The administrator is able to set rates based on compute, network, and storage resources. Reports can then be run to calculate the chargeback for each virtual machine.

Find the solutions you need with Red Hat Consulting’s Discovery Sessions at Red Hat Summit

Year after year, we go to conferences to learn about the challenges and solutions that today’s business leaders face, but rarely do we have the opportunity for an engaging, interactive, and intimate dialogue with the presenters. This year, Red Hat Consultants are shaking things up.

When software development marries business automation, this year at Red Hat Summit

Custom software development and business automation have traditionally been two distinct ways to approach IT solutions to business challenges. Each approach has its own tradeoffs. While software development draws from engineering rigor, historically, the processes have been slow. Conversely, while business automation has enabled non-engineering stakeholders to codify business logic, this has led to additional risk.