Business, Technology , Culture – The Trifecta of Innovation

Innovation is not always about cool technology or the latest gizmo in the stores.  Purposeful innovation for any enterprise is about having an impact in the life of its customers.  As a panelist on the Innovation Panel at the Robert Morris University for their Professional Development Week, I was recently posed the question about what Innovation means, I defined it as Creativity applied with passion to disrupt our quality of life for the better.  The first step for such innovation is an environment that is, by design, a fertile ground for creativity to flourish with meaningful context. But what are the key characteristics of such an environment?  Three characteristics come to mind.  There must be sound business context for  innovation to happen enabled by next generation technologies fueled by a culture of open collaboration.  Business – Technology – Culture.  These three characteristics come together to define the Trifecta of Innovation.  Let us take a look at how these characteristics apply to the Open Innovation Labs recently announced by Red Hat.

Get trained in JBoss with video classroom

A key part of the Red Hat® product portfolio, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware makes things that should work, actually work. Everything from business processes and business rules management, helps your business run smoothly so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. For Red Hat Training and Certification, JBoss is a crucial branch for courses and exams, equipping IT professionals with skills to accelerate, integrate, and automate.

RHCA: RHCA + Renewals (Part Two)

IT industry is one that continues to grow and evolve as new innovations are developed. The pinnacle of expertise, The Red Hat® Certified Architect program is continuously improving to accommodate these demands to make sure that our certified professionals exceed the standards of today’s market.

Live from OpenStack Summit: Driving new levels of success for our customers

I have always grounded Red Hat Global Services in three things: client success, deep expertise, and emerging technology adoption, whether that be OpenStack, Platform-as-a-Service, containers, or microservices. I was thrilled to attend OpenStack’s annual event this year, OpenStack Summit, to witness and share how we have enabled many of our customers to hit new levels of emerging technology adoption.